Terms And Conditions
Terms of Business

These terms of business and the joined commitment letter together structure the whole understanding ("the agreement") between the New Zealand Firm of Qbaccounting Pro Accountants and all recipients of the commitment letter. In case there is any contention between these terms and the commitment letter, the commitment letter will win. Except if in any case concurred recorded as a hard copy, any further work we might do regarding this assistance will be done as a feature of this agreement.

Unless specifically stated to the contrary in the engagement letter:


Associates any holding organization or auxiliary organization of the Company or any auxiliary organization of any holding organization;

Confidential Information

Classified Information implies any data that is straightforwardly or in a roundabout way unveiled by the Company or the Customer (the uncovering party) to the next (the getting party) regardless of whether recorded as a hard copy, electronically, orally or something else, which would appear to a sensible individual to be private and which identifies with the business and undertakings of the revealing party remembering for connection to the Company, all sign in subtleties and data identifying with the Portal and according to either Party incorporates all business, specialized, factual, monetary, promoting, faculty, client or provider subtleties, ability, plans, proprietary innovations, inventive data or materials and all data got from the above other than data that was in the public space at the time it was unveiled or opens up in the public area without break of any commitment of secrecy; that is given to the getting party by a legitimately qualified outsider for reveal it; or that was at that point known or autonomously created by the getting party;